believe duo lash

a dramatic, fluffy pair of lashes that create a fluttery, flawless effect & adds flare for an incredibly volumising look.
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  • duo pack luxury synthetic lashes
  • feather light & volumising
  • invisible lash band

how to apply:

step 1: gently remove lash strip from the tray and measure up to your eye.if it is too wide, trim the edge from the outer corner only.

step 2: apply a thin layer of lash glue to the lash band and let dry for approx. 30 seconds, until the glue has turned tacky.

step 3: align the lash strip on top of your natural lashes before gently pressing down until it is secured.

step 4: the lashes can be reused as long as they are taken care of once removed. 

*adhesive not included

pair perfectly with

hustle duo lash

these long & wispy lashes add volume & length to create a stunning eye-opening effect.
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in the nude luxury lip trio

This trio includes success lipstick, ambition liner and manifest lipgloss. Combine these three besties to get the perfect autumnal lip. 
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tell the truth