dream lash

these gorgeous, feminine lashes combine alternating lengths with long and wispy edges to add flutter and flair to any eye look.
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Dream: designed with alternating lengths, the long and wispy edges on these false lashes will add a gorgeous flair to your eye resulting in a lifted and dramatic look. 

How to Apply:

  1. Gently remove lash strip from the tray and measure up to your eye. If it is too wide, trim the edge from the outer corner only.

  2. Apply a thin layer of lash glue* to the lash band and let dry for approx. 30 seconds, until the glue has turned tacky.

  3. Align the lash strip on top of your natural lashes before gently pressing down until it is secured.

  4. The lashes can be reused as long as they are taken care of once removed. 

*Adhesive not included

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