Royal Blush Duo

get the perfect pout with this stunning duo of products. our dreamy pink-nude lipstick shade features a soft, lush formula to create a perfect matte pout that stays put all-day. pair with a super-soft, creamy lip liner that pairs flawlessly with our self-love lipstick to create a fuller, longer-lasting look.
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self love lipstick

embrace your feminine side with this dreamy pink-nude lipstick. the lush, light shade is designed using our velvety matte formula, creating a perfectly pink pout that stays put all day long

do you. lipliner

designed to blend seamlessly with our do you lipstick, this soft, dreamy pink-nude lipliner will enhance the natural beauty and shape of your lips, creating flawless, velvety-matte looks every time

pair perfectly with

manifest lipgloss

add shimmer and lustre to every lip look with this high-shine lipgloss. the formula works to create a flawless, show-stopping sheen on the lips, making them look fuller, poutier and more fabulous
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dream lash

these gorgeous, feminine lashes combine alternating lengths with long and wispy edges to add flutter and flair to any eye look.
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