sunset dreams full collection

Our Sunset dreams full collection includes the true beauty red lip trio of dreams, our wispy dream lashes, super soft blending sponge, and our go-to face palette.
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Sunset Red Luxury Lip Trio

  • Power: This rich, hyper-pigmented red lipstick features a velvety matte, long-lasting finish for all-day wear.

  • Energy: A creamy, smooth red lip liner designed to match seamlessly with our Power lipstick, creating a full, luscious look.

  • Manifest Lip Gloss: An impossibly high-shine gloss that creates a flawless sheen for fuller-looking, show-stealing lips.

Dream Lash

  • With alternating lengths, the long and wispy edges on these false lashes will add a gorgeous flair to your look. 

*Adhesive not included

Blending Sponge

  • super soft blender sponge to achieve a flawless base. 

True Essentials Face Palette


  • promise: a lovely, light and feminine pink powder blush
  • beauty: a super-soft, dreamy, light pink cream blush
  • confident: add a pop of colour with this deep coral powder blush
  • elite: a deeply-pigmented, lush coral cream blush


  • truly: a sunkissed, medium-toned powder bronzer
  • satisfy: a rich, warm, medium-toned cream bronzer
  • fierce: a deep, smouldering-toned powder bronzer
  • captivate: a dusky, deep-toned cream bronzer


  • angelic: a shimmering, yellow-toned velvet highlighter
  • irresistible: a luminescent, golden-toned velvet highlighter

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